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There are many ways to fit a Multi-Latch, each dependant on the structure the lock is fitted to and the direction that the relative structural components open. Detailed below is some common installation styles, for clarity all diagrams are for lock and catch only and the padlock pins are not shown.


Multi-Latch Shield Fitting

All static Multi-Latch are compatible with Multi-Latch shields. Our shields can be fitted in seconds and protect all padlocks from bolt cropper attack.

The shield protrudes out from the front of the Multi-Latch body to create adequate accommodation space for installing and removing padlocks. Shields are not however compatible with very long shackled padlocks. Partially this is because it is quite hard to install very long shackled padlocks inside the shield but it is mainly because such padlocks are likely to protrude below the shield.

Immediate bolt cutter protection.

Shields fit any Multi-Latch body style and are compatible with all catches except our special order sliding catches. To install a shield simply remove all padlock pins, slide the shield over the lock body and replace all the padlock pins and padlocks. Multi-Latch Shields are manufactured from stainless steel.

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