Locking Gate Latch Systems from Tayhope

Tayhope offers a selection of industrial locking gate latch systems that feature a multiple padlock security setup. This provides from 1 to 10 users to gain access to the secure area by unlocking their individual padlock. There is no need to share keys or arrange access with other authorised groups. In remote locations this is an ideal method for providing a gate latch system for securing job sites, facilitates and road access.

Locking Gate Latch Uses

Tayhope has been providing these multiple locking gate latch systems to industry for over 20 years. Common installations include locking chain link fence enclosures around communication towers where more than one service provider is sharing the same location. Crash Gates at airports also often feature Tayhope locking gate latch systems where more than one authority can unlock the perimeter gates in case of emergency.  

Our Top uses for the Tayhope locking Gate latch includes

Telecommunication Towers: Chain catch and standard catch locking gate latch systems for boundary fences and access ladders up the towers. These towers are often shared by a number of different communication companies.

Power Utilities: Locking gate latches for secure areas that are fenced and road barrier and gate latch systems for access onto property. These installations are often in remote locations.

National Park Services: Locking chain catch and standard catch systems for access to Park lands. These roads are often seasonal use only require multiple locking gate latch systems to allow for access by other authorised groups like Search & Rescue and Fire departments.

Oil and Gas Companies: Access to restricted areas along pipelines, refineries, active oil sites, pump jack locations and service yards that require multiple locking gate latch security. These sites are often chain link fence enclosure using a chain catch gate latch or restricted road access points with barrier gates.

Coast Guard: Securing remote locations for coast guard facilities requires chain catch locking gate latch systems from Tayhope. Often these locations are in unmanned remote locations and require secure access to ensure the public stays out of the installation.

Universities & Institutions: Tayhope supplies locking gate latch systems to educations facilities across North America where access to sports facilities and grounds requires barrier gates. These are often only open during events and games. Shared access is required by service companies, fire departments and security.

Forestry: Our forests and public lands may require restricted access in areas that allow for seasonal recreation or where forest management practices require keeping the public out. Decommissioned roads often include a multiple padlock locking gate latch system from Tayhope where access is required by utilities, Forestry and other authorised groups. Sensitive habitat and reclamation sites are prime examples.

Municipalities: Cities and towns manage a wide range of public work facilities and lands in their governing area. Locking gate latch systems are often installed on access roads for water reservoirs, power utility corridors, emergency response roads and lanes and other traffic control areas. With fire and police departments requiring access this is an ideal use for Tayhope’s locking gate latch system on roadway gates and barriers.

Military: Many of our nation’s armed forces bases enclose large tracts of land with perimeter fencing. These include access points in remote locations that require an easy to implement gate security system. The multiple padlock gate latch system from Tayhope is idea for this as it is stainless steel and provides a 20 year guarantee.

Airport: Ensuring secure airport access is an important measure against crime and potential threats. Perimeter fencing often includes crash gates for airport safety in the event of an accident as well as roadway access for maintenance, fire prevention and airport authority needs. Providing a locking gate latch system that allows for shared use by authorised groups is an ideal use for our multi lock gate latch system.

Farms and Ranch: Ranch lands can cover thousands of acres with multiple road access. Securing roadways with barrier gates is critical for a number of reasons. Keeping the public off of farm and ranch lands reduces the liability of the owner. Restricting access to these lands prevents theft and vandalism from occurring.


Chain Link Fence:  Our first customers required a method to lock chain link fences around a telecommunications site that allowed for more than one user to have their own access methods. The locking gate latch system with 1 to 5 padlocks provided the perfect solution. Using a chain catch the system replaced the ineffective daisy-chain methods of locking a site. Being stainless steel, it also provided years of trouble free use.

Steel Post Gate Systems: Tayhope provides a standard locking gate latch system for gates that are single swing gates with one anchor post or dual swing gates with the lock in the middle of the gate. Common uses for these secure gate latch systems include construction sites and large facilities like mine sites, gravel pits, dam sites and military bases.

Barrier Gates: Barrier gates are often found in municipal installations for public facilities like sports facilities, libraries, government buildings, hospitals and fire lane access. The difference with the Tayhope locking gate latch system for barrier gates is the orientation. Here the latch and multiple locking pin system runs vertical up the post. 

Door Latch Systems: The Tayhope standard locking gate latch system can also be installed on a door and frame where shared access is required. We see more of this type of installation occurring on steel shipping containers that are being used for storage on job sites. The site supervisor can provide multiple trades with individual access for tools and supplies.

Ladder Access Barriers: On many water tower, power and telecommunication tower installations restricted access up the tower ladder is a requirement to ensure public safety. These ladder lock systems can be outfitted with a Tayhope multi lock gate latch system.

Dual Latch padlock systems are also available where 2 padlocks are required to secure a cabinet or locker. This can allow for an individual to have access to cabinets or lockers and also allow management access through the second padlock.


Tayhope 5 and 10 pin gate latch systems can be outfitted with a stainless steel padlock cover. This shields the padlocks against the elements and also restricts tampering of the locks by vandals or thieves.

Construction and Material

Tayhope products are built in the UK to ensure quality of materials and craftsmanship. Our attention to detail provides the toughest security latch systems in the industry. Our locking gate latch systems use heavy gage stainless steel that is back by our 20 year guarantee. The product has been designed to outlast the fence or gate it has been installed on.

How to Order

In North America the fastest method to order your products is online through our website. One of our staff will contact you to confirm the order and arrange your specific shipping needs. Our website should provide you with enough information to ensure you are making the right buying decision. Please review our FAQ if you have any questions. If you do not find what you’re looking for please contact us via email and we will reply usually within the same business day.

Our top selling products include the 5 pin locking gate latch system with the chain catch or the standard catch.  This often included the stainless steel padlock shield which covers the padlocks and prevents tampering.

If you require a special product for your security needs please feel free to contact us. Tayhope has manufactured a number of custom gate latch system in the past for unique situations for the US military, telecommunications companies and smaller institutions and private business.


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