Airport Crash Gate Lock Systems

Airport Crash Gate Lock systems 

The design of an airport crash gate is unique in that it is made to allow for an airport crash tender to drive through the gate if required. The hinges of the gate are designed to break away which allows the airport crash gate to fall under the fire and rescue vehicle as it leaves the airfield. Airport crash gate lock systems have also been designed to allow for a quick latch release.

The airport Crash Tender is a specially designed airport fire engine that is extremely powerful for its size and can negotiate rough terrain in order to arrive at a crash scene. They carry water and fire suppression foam designed to put out jet fuel fires quickly from a high pressure cannon. These vehicles are often 6x6 or 8x8 all wheel drive vehicles and have a unique design specific to fighting airplane fires. This design often includes a sloped front guard in order to force the airport crash gate under the vehicle if required.

Crash Gate Access 

In the event of an emergency procedures are in place that allow for airport crash gates to be opened in time for the Crash Tenders to leave the main airport facility. It is obviously not desirable to drive through a crash gate as any level of damage is an expensive proposition to both the vehicle and the perimeter security fence. As a result a fast and efficient method of locking and opening the gates is required. The Tayhope multiple lock gate latch system has been the crash gate lock system of choice for decades in Europe. The stainless steel gate latch system provides up to 10 unique padlocks to be installed on an airport crash gate. Any authorised personnel with a key to any one lock can quickly open the perimeter crash gate in the event of an emergency.

This multiple lock gate latch system is unique in that it provides different authorised users the ability to add their own specific padlock. As police, fire, search and rescue, security, maintenance and administration all have separate needs for access to these unmanned airport access routes, providing an easy locking gates latch is ideal.

Each department can implement their own approved padlocks with dedicated key to the Tayhope multiple lock gate latch and be guaranteed that they have the ability to open the gate without the aid of another agency or ruling body involved.

Airport crash gates are being updated and improved across North American as Airports represent a unique security challenge. A proven, wireless crash gate lock system is the best choice for airport perimeter crash gates. For quick gate control when time is of the essence the Tayhope 5 multi latch with chain or standard catch is the top pick for airport authorities.

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