Barrier gate systems using multiple padlock gate latches

Barrier gate systems to control traffic flow or secure access to restricted areas have a wide range of locking systems available. A top choice for locations requiring more than one user is the Tayhope multiple lock latch system. This multiple padlock gate latch allows more than one authorized group to have access using their own padlock. This reduces the need for multiple keys and the hassles associated with managing keys and permissions.

Barrier Gate system for restricted lane access 

An example of this type of barrier gate system can be found at public service facilities like hospitals and recreation complexes. Often these locations have gated areas that house chemicals and gas canisters that require the public to be kept out of the vicinity but require multiple users to have access. This may be the gas and chemical supply companies, the facility managers, municipal fire department and engineering services departments.

With barrier gates in place and the need for more than one group to have access a straight forward solution to is the right choice. Tayhope's multiple lock gate latch systems delivers a simple 5 to 10 padlock security system where each group only has to manage their own padlock.

The beauty of the solution allows for a single pin to be locked in place. Once this pin is unlocked it can be removed and the gate pins moved to unfasten the latch. It is an extremely simple and effective method of locking down the barrier gate system and provides a hassle free solution for all those requiring access. 

Multiple Lock Gate Latch

​ A second advantage of this multiple locking gate latch system is the lack of any power requirements. For many barrier gate systems power has to be run to the gate in order to allow for the power lock systems to function. This adds expense and time to the gate installation. With many of these gate locations only requiring access on a weekly or monthly basis it is often deemed an extravagance to install an electric system. Tayhope's straight forward approach provides a secure and efficient alternative at a fraction of the cost of an electric locking gate solution.

Tayhope Barrier Gate latch system

Restricted Access to Lot

​Steel Barrier Gate systems with no power source can have multiple lock systems installed by Tayhope to allow access for emergency services and authorised users.

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If you are in the process of specifying security gates or barrier gate systems for your restricted areas at your facility consider the benefits of a proven, easy to use and easy to manage locking gate latch system like Tayhope's multiple padlock gate latch.For over 25 years Tayhope has been providing gate latch solution in Europe and North America to facility management professionals.

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