Chain lock replacement with Tayhope multi lock gate latch at Municipal Airport

A small municipal airport has recently upgraded a perimeter chain link fence gate with a Tayhope multi lock gate latch system. This gate has gone through a few different versions of padlock and chain systems. The main frustration with the gate is the off hours for the airport and the need for airport staff to facilitate opening the gate for owners who have misplaced their keys or forgotten the combinations. As a small airport there are a lot of private plane owners who can easily access the field through the pedestrian gate but when it comes to bringing in maintenance vehicles or supply vehicles this requires use of the large gate at the entrance to the hangars.

This perimeter airport gate has no electricity and the need for a manual lock and latch system has been in use for years. The old daisy chain link system that was in use had several abandoned locks on it and was heavy and cumbersome to use. It was also prone to being improperly linked causing frustrating lock outs. One of the complaints by airport staff was in the wasted time and expense of providing access to something that is supposed to be self regulated amongst the aircraft owners.

Airport perimeter gate secured with Tayhope multi lock latch system

Airport Administration has purchased a multi lock latch system from Tayhope with the stainless steel cover. This product is guaranteed for 20 years and has a proven history of trouble free use. The Airport authority installed the system quickly on the tube frame and believes their payback in the investment will be within six months as the expense of staff time in helping customers will be eliminated.

For Chain link gates, barriers and fence gates this type of industrial security latch system is the perfect choice for municipal airport. It is easy to install and offers a manual method of access for any authorised person with a padlock and key. The fact that the Airport authority can allow service groups like fire departments, fuel and maintenance to manage their own padlock solution is also a benefit.

The Tayhope multi lock gate latch is a leader in multi lock solutions. If you have an application where more than one group requires access to a restricted area and the governing body does not want to be hands on in managing keys and permissions the Tayhope multi lock latch system is your best choice.

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