Daisy-chain gate lock replacement

If you are looking for an example of a mistake waiting to happen then the daisy chain gate lock method is our top choice. This method of locking gates with multiple padlocks is well known. As long as you have a piece of chain and a few padlocks you can set up this gate lock system where each user only has to be responsible for their own padlock. No need to share keys or arrange for another authorised person to give you access to the area. However it is far too easy to exclude a user with this system.

Daisy chain gate locks are often used for recreational sites like backcountry access, ranch gates, farm gates, shooting ranges, fish and game clubs, gravel pits, and other rural roadways where there is the need to restrict public access but provide access to a small group of individuals with permission to the area. The problem with the daisy chain gate lock system is that it is very susceptible for human error and mistakes. If you simple do not pay attention to the order of the locks it is extremely likely that one of the users will be taken out of the chain and not able to access the area.

The images below show how this can occur with as little as 2 locks. (Although it might be argued that if you exclude someone when there is only 2 locks it was probably done on purpose)

 Gold lock bottom is out of the daisy chain

 Human Error is just too easy! 

If you look closely at the first picture you can see the large gold padlock on the bottom has been dropped from the chain. This is very easy to do and most likely a mistake by the person locking the gate to either side of this padlock.

You hope that in the case of an emergency and the need for EMS, fire or police to gain access they are not the ones with the excluded padlock.

Some top organizations in the USA still recommend this method of shared access security. However, a much easier and better method it the Tayhope multiple padlock gate latch security system. It can accommodate from 1 to 10 padlocks and will guarantee that these types of mistakes will never happen again. By moving the padlocks up to the latch system and providing each padlock with a secure pin, that once removed releases the gate, there is no possible way to mess up and lock another user out.

If you are looking for a replacement method to your daisy chain gate lock setup you should buy the Tayhope multiple padlock gate latch. It is a proven method of securing gate access and comes with a 20 year guarantee. Made from commercial grade stainless steel the latch will never rust and provide trouble free gate security for years to come. 

Visit the 10 lock gate latch system from Tayhope to learn more

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