Fire Lane access using multiple lock latch system

Fire Lane access using Multiple lock gate latch hardware from Tayhope.

Access to restricted areas like fire lanes and access lanes in municipalities often require more than one department or utility company to have access.Gates protecting access to these areas are often managed by padlock systems. Coordination between departments in times of need can add a layer of complexity that may result in lost time. In the case of fire immediate access by first response vehicles and fire trucks could save lives.

Many existing gate systems feature a single lock system with the need for multiple keys. This results in multiple sets of keys and the inevitable loss of access when locks are upgraded and key not distributed properly. The solution to ensure uninterrupted access is a multiple lock gate latch that allows each authority their own padlock. By installing a Tayhope multiple lock gate latch each department is responsible for their own lock solutions and there is no need to share keys or coordinate access for the fire lanes.

Lane Gate Access

This single source for access ensures that response times are kept to the bare minimum. Each department whether it is police, fire department, sanitation, civil engineering, parks and recreation or others manage their own lock systems and controls their own key allotments.The Tayhope multiple gate locking system is the perfect solution to enable the efficient management of access amongst departments for fire lanes and other access points that need to be restricted to public vehicle access.

Tayhope's multiple lock gate latch systems allows for 5 unique padlocks to be attached to a single gate latch. This extremely secure locking gate latch is the industry standard in multiple lock gate hardware. The simplicity of design and strength of the steel construction ensures the Tayhope multiple lock gate latch will last for the lifespan of the gate installation.

If you are in need of securing a fire lane or service lane in your municipality and need an efficient method of providing access to a number of different departments without the responsibility in managing sets of key buy the Tayhope multiple lock gate latch system. It will save you time and money and put the responsibility of access in the hand of each manager in each department.

Sport facility Access Point

​Maintenance vehicle and emergency vehicle access top the sports facility is through lane access along the main complex. The lane features two gates with the second providing access out onto the track and field. 

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