Pipeline security gate systems for remote access

Pipeline security along the length of the easement is a growing concern.

Access points along the length of a pipeline are often shared by a number of different authorised groups. This may be the government services like forestry and lands, municipal, first nations and regional governments, maintenance and service providers as well as the pipeline companies themselves.

These access points may be in urban, rural or remote locations and require the installation of access gates on service roads. With the restriction of access becoming more important as threats and security issues escalate, the need for a multiple padlock gate latch system to allow for easy access by individual groups is required.

Tayhope locking multi latch system is an excellent choice for securing these points of access along the pipelines. Tayhope's multiple padlock gate latch allows for 1 to 10 individual authorised users to gain access using their own padlock. As you remove any one locked security pin the gate latch is released allowing for access. This is an ideal solution as there is no need to organise or manage keys for multiple locks by the main authority. By simply installing the multiple padlock gate latch you can provide permissions to those who require it.

 The multiple padlock gate latch also provides a emergency access in the event of a natural disaster or security event. In much of North America this involves concerns around forest fires, major storms and earthquakes. Emergency response groups like Search and Rescue, Police, Fire, Defense and other government agencies may require their own access locks in order to respond to these types of situations.

With an increased need for securing utilities and major infrastructure systems like telecom and electrical the need for an easy to use guaranteed multiple padlock system for gate access is evident. The Tayhope multiple padlock gate latch has been providing security since 1997. 

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image Source: ING Canada 

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