Propane storage cage dual lock systems

There are hundreds of thousands of propane tank storage cages in North America. It is a federal law to store full propane tanks in a properly ventilated and secured location. You can buy, swap and refill propane tanks at just about every service station and country store across America.

The Tayhope Dual Multi Latch is an ideal method of providing the supplier and the retailer with individual locks for accessing Propane. There is no need to copy keys or manage delivery to location during business hours. With each authorised group able to supply their own padlock for the cabinet or cage the onus is on the individual and not the need to share keys.

This may seems trivial, but many locations serve a seasonal population which require the hiring of seasonal staff. While the propane supplier remains constant the seasonal staff require training and management. Having a separate method of opening the cages that is not dependant on either group is a benefit to management. This saves time which allows staff to focus on customers and not suppliers.

The Tayhope Dual Latch padlock system can be installed on any latch that handles a single padlock. This gives management an easy and efficient method to gain access to propane cages and cabinets without the requirement of coordinating with the gas company.

For Commercial facilities there is the obvious need to secure and store propane for forklift operators. Here the same situations apply where gas companies are not dependant on business hours to provide and restock propane tanks.

If you are looking for an innovative way to provide 2 padlocks for propane cages and cabinets then buy the Tayhope Dual Multi Latch system. It is quick and easy to install, is made from industrial grade stainless steel and comes with a 20 year guarantee. The multi latch provides the security and access you need and will outlive the lifespan of the cabinet it is locking down. 

Tayhope Dual Latch 

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