Shared access gate lock systems from Tayhope

Shared access gate lock systems are a necessity for many secure areas across North America. In major power utility and telecommunication services there are remote sites where more than one group must have access to the secured area. A prime example is Telecommunication Towers where the tower itself provides services for radio, cellular, phone, TV, satellite and other users. Each one of these groups may be related to a federal agency, military, civil or private company. Each group should not be dependent on the other to gain access to the tower.

There are over 30,000 telecommunication towers in the United States. Many of these facilities are in remote areas and secured with chain link fencing and gated enclosures. Many Towers also have a lockout on the ladders installed to allow for added security on access up the tower.

Tayhope has been supplying Telecommunication towers with shared access lock systems. These shared access gate locks can provide from 1 to 10 locks per latch and be installed on the perimeter fence gates, tower ladders and building doors.

The shared access gate latch by Tayhope is a brilliant design that has proven reliable for over 20 years. It is manufactured with commercial grade stainless steel and comes with a 20 year guarantee. It will never rust or corrode over time. For added padlock protection you can install a lock cover plate to keep rain and snow off of the padlocks.

The Tayhope shared access gate lock system is used by
the nations largest utilities and includes;

  • Verison
  • AT&T
  • BELL
  • Google
  • National Grid
  • Power South
  • Alliant Energy
  • American Tower
  • US department of Energy
  • US Armed Forces

The Tayhope multi lock latch is available in a number of different sizes and configurations. The latch is used globally to secure telecommunications sites and utility sites and provide a dependable shared access lock system that requires no coordination of locks or keys amongst its users. Learn More...,

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