Wind Turbine Security

Almost all of the major wind farms in North America are in rural areas. These wind turbines are on private lands or public lands depending on the location. As these remote sites are not always easy to monitor there is a need for security measures at the turbine base. Depending on the country or local government requirements they may be fenced off at the base to ensure the tower itself is not accessible.

It is also common for more than one authority to require access to these sites. Two main groups include the utility company that owns the wind turbine installation and the local fire department that provides emergency response services. In the event of an emergency an easy to use and reliable gate security system is required. The Tayhope 2 padlock latch system is an ideal solution for this type of Wind Turbine Security.

 The Tayhope two padlock gate latch fits in a regular gate latch that can accommodate a lock. What is unique about the two padlock gate latch is the simplicity of the design. By removing any one padlock the latch is uncoupled and access is permitted.

The obvious benefit here is that the Fire department and the Utility Company do not have to manage or arrange for keys for a single lock. Each group has their own set of keys that they manage independent of the other authorised group. There is no need to call ahead or task the utility company with having someone onsite in the event of an emergency.

For more information on the Tayhope two lock latch system visit our product section. This lock system is also ideal for employee locker security and utility cabinet security where the employer requires an independent lock solution to ensure access.

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