In many parts of North America government organisations and utilities manage remote sites and environmental stations as part of their infrastructure. These remote locations need to be secure from theft and vandalism.  For Government agencies this may includes the following;

  • Environmental monitoring stations                             Remote Monitoring Station
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Weather stations
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Radar stations
  • Air traffic control
  • Water quality sensors
  • Defence locations
  • Missile detection stations
  • Avalanche control station
  • Forest fire lookouts
  • Remote Telecommunications stations

These remote locations range from the most rugged coastlines to the highest mountains. Many of these environmental stations are only accessed for maintenance of equipment and inspection by authorised groups.  In a similar fashion to the Telecommunications industry there is often the need for more than one group to have access to these sites. This is an ideal application for our Tayhope multiple lock latch system as it provides each user group with their own independent lock solution.

A good example of this is the environmental monitoring going on in the Far North of Canada for climate change. Environment Canada and universities from the US and Canada are conducting ongoing research as part of a global climate change study. These remote sites contain highly sensitive monitoring systems which relay data back to the Universities via telecommunications links from the remote environmental stations. These stations can be as small as a utility cabinet or as large as a home depending on the technology and power sources available. As more than one organisation is involved and not likely to be at the site at the same time a multiple lock latch for the station or cabinet is required.

The Tayhope industrial 5 lock latch system is an ideal solution for this type of remote application. The stainless steel construction guarantees over 20 years of trouble free use. The manual latch method is free from any electrical requirement and allows from 1 to 5 users to quickly gain access to the monitoring equipment.  It delivers an easy to use industrial latch that provides excellent remote site security for those groups involved.

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Tayhope 5 Lock Latch

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