Shared Access Commercial Security Gates and Barriers for Rural Locations


For many rural locations the need for commercial security gates exists where lands and facilities require restricted access. While these roads maybe used by authorised groups like power utilities, forestry, homeland security, border patrol, federal and state agencies and permit holders they are not accessible to the general public.


Some key examples of these types of roadways include;

  • Watershed and reservoir areas
  • Restricted forest service roads
  • Restricted military ranges
  • Dike and waterway access
  • Pipeline and gas line right of ways
  • Ranch and range land access
  • Seasonal highways and roadways
  • Park gate facilities
  • Secure farmlands
  • Nature reserves
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Dangerous natural areas (canyons, ice fields, shorelines, etc)  


These locations for the most part are without power and require manual security systems. These are key location for Tayhope’s shared access gate latches. By installing a Tayhope Multiple padlock gate latch you effectively restrict vehicle access into these areas while maintaining an easy way for those with clearance to gain access.


The multi lock latch is also built for extreme weather conditions and made from heavy duty stainless steel. It comes with a 20 year guarantee and can be fitted with a padlock cover to help protect each agencies padlock from rain and snow.




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